by Darkpine

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This EP comes from a season of deep introspection—of looking within oneself and confronting voids of fear, insecurity, loneliness, and helplessness. Writing these songs was a way of processing a lot of emptiness and an otherwise unwritten story of depression and doubt.


released April 10, 2015

Recorded Winter 2014-Spring 2015 in an apartment in Seattle, WA.
Mixed and mastered by Darkpine.

Music by:
Ace Wing//Programming, Fender Rhodes, & Yamaha AC15
Marshall Frimoth//Guitars & Synthesizer
Nolan Kurtz//Vocals, Percussion, Guitars, & Samples

Cover photo by Ace Wing.



all rights reserved


Darkpine Seattle, Washington

Darkpine cultivates homemade, synth-heavy electronic music, growing them into full rock songs. The Seattle-based group strives to create a live sound that combines these elements into a dance-ready performance.

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Track Name: Beachgrass
i like to feel good in the summer
do whatever I want
but this pain can take everything I live for
suffocating life
you piece of shit
so i stare at the beachgrass swayin’
what i do when things get so bad
it feels like the whole world’s strarin’
tougher than life with addiction
we sway like the beachgrass

my fingers dig deep into my skin
wait for the bleeding and tell me then
that i can be whoever i want to be
but you cannot feel it so i want you to know

it’s hard to be alive in the world
when you can’t even look in the mirror
you can’t even hide your shame
it’s written in the shade of your arms
it’s hard to be alive in the world
when people you used to know
are doing everything they love

like a fallen angel
you heal me from the inside
at least that’s what they say you do
still waiting for the proof of your power
are you hiding?
the water’s inside
so swallow your pride
and get me a high that let’s me fly
don’t let me die

i won’t give you anything cause you aren’t worth anything
if you won’t leave then i won’t stay
take what’s mine and leave
surely there is more to life than picking pebbles up off the ground
poor old kid
let him survive
let me down now

i have tried to be free
Track Name: Escher's Cold Cube World
you’re not one of us
you are the only one with a second thought
but we’re the believers
you shouldn’t look at us if you don’t raise your hand
and get all of yourself into a shape that we own

you don’t know how to do it right
you shouldn’t even lie
resort the notion
stop fighting the holy ones
come jettison the wasteland
and don’t ever come back
don’t ever come back to us

let me see your hand

and we are alive
that’s all that really matters now
not how we feel anymore

they’ll be rushing in
fire is in the streets
so come over here before the collection
are you just like me?
how did we all fall?
let’s get them in the string
and tell the fucking king we arrived

do you hear them shine?

this is escher’s escher’s cold cube world this cold cube world
Track Name: Bitterment
i don’t know what I have done to myself
all the ways I hide my pain
virginity in the eyes
all the ways that I look for you
i’m chasing other lies

and all the ways that I look for you
i’m chasing other lies

i'm drinking all frustration out
holding all your songs in place
you would fall beneath the earth
now I release you from this place
Track Name: Entropy
i’m awake, my love asleep and all the time we had
at every blink you exist to me
but i feel a break in vision
and now i hold to the dream as eyes adjust to the light
i dreamt of holding you in my arms
we dance alone in the morning

i look for you inside of glass
a faceless distraction every time
naked in the cave of imagination
so far from home

it’s kinda like eternal life
but caught between two: life and death
i hope to leave someday with us together
but for now i stay and wait for you
i wait for you